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Immune response characterization of mice immunized with Lactobacillus plantarum expressing spike antigen of transmissible gastroenteritis virus

  • Wen-Tao Yang
  • Qiong-Yan Li
  • Emad Beshir Ata
  • Yan-Long Jiang
  • Hai-Bin Huang
  • Chun-Wei Shi
  • Jian-Zhong Wang
  • Guan Wang
  • Yuan-Huan Kang
  • Jing Liu
  • Gui-Lian YangEmail author
  • Chun-Feng WangEmail author
Biotechnological products and process engineering


The highly infectious porcine transmissible gastroenteritis virus (TGEV), which belongs to the coronaviruses (CoVs), causes diarrhea and high mortality rates in piglets, resulting in severe economic losses in the pork industry worldwide. In this study, we used Lactobacillus plantarum (L. plantarum) to anchor the expression of TGEV antigen (S) to dendritic cells (DCs) via dendritic cell-targeting peptides (DCpep). The results show that S antigen could be detected on the surface of L. plantarum by different detection methods. Furthermore, flow cytometry and ELISA techniques were used to measure the cellular, mucosal, and humoral immune responses of the different orally gavaged mouse groups. The obtained results demonstrated the significant effect of the constructed L. plantarum expressing S-DCpep fusion proteins in inducing high expression levels of B7 molecules on DCs, as well as high levels of IgG, secretory IgA, and IFN-γ and IL-4 cytokines compared with the other groups. Accordingly, surface expression of DC-targeted antigens successfully induced cellular, mucosal, and humoral immunity in mice and could be used as a vaccine.


L. plantarum TGEV S protein DCpep Mucosal immune response 



This work was supported by the National Key Research and Development Program of China (2017YFD0501000, 2017YFD0501200), National Natural Science Foundation of China (31672528), Science and Technology Development Program of Jilin Province (20160519011JH, 20170204034NY, 20180520037JH), Special Funds for Industrial Innovation of Jilin Province (2016C063), and “Thirteen Fiveyear Plan” for Sci & Tech Research Program of Jilin Education Department of People’s Republic of China (JJKH20170318KJ).

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The authors declare that there are no competing interests.

Ethical approval

All applicable international and national guidelines for the care and use of mice were followed.


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  • Qiong-Yan Li
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  2. 2.Parasitology and Animal Diseases Department, Veterinary Research DivisionNational Research CentreCairoEgypt

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