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Alkaliphilic Bacillus sp. strain KSM-LD1 contains a record number of subtilisin-like serine proteases genes


The presence of 11 genes encoding subtilisin-like serine proteases was demonstrated by cloning from the genome of alkaliphilic Bacillus sp. strain KSM-LD1. This strain exoproduces the oxidatively stable alkaline protease LD-1 (Saeki et al. Curr Microbiol, 47:337–340, 2003). Among the 11 genes, six genes encoding alkaline proteases (SA, SB, SC, SD, SE, and LD-1) were expressed in Bacillus hosts. However, the other five genes for subtilisin-like proteases (SF, SG, SH, SI, and SJ) were expressed in neither Bacillus hosts nor Escherichia coli. The deduced amino acid sequences of SA, SB, SC, SF, SG, SH, SI, and SJ showed similarity to those of other subtilisin-like proteases from Bacillus strains with only 38 to 86% identity. The deduced amino acid sequence of SD was completely identical to that of an oxidatively stable alkaline protease from Bacillus sp. strain SD521, and that of SE was almost identical to that of a high-molecular mass subtilisin from Bacillus sp. strain D-6 with 99.7% identity. There are four to nine subtilisin-like serine protease genes in the reported genomes of Bacillus strains. At least 11 genes for the enzymes present in the genome of Bacillus sp. strain KSM-LD1, and this is the greatest number identified to date.

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