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Musculoskeletal imaging

Welcome to the Musculoskeletal Imaging supplement of Pediatric Radiology. This collection of papers is based on the Society for Pediatric Radiology musculoskeletal imaging weekend meeting conducted in Denver, CO, on Feb. 1–3, 2019.

For those who were able to attend the meeting, this supplement should refresh your memory and possibly fill in some details you might have missed while you were checking your phone or talking to your friends. For the rest of you who were not so fortunate to attend, this supplement should serve to demonstrate what you missed. The conference was superb and filled with superlative informational lectures delivered with enthusiasm and style. Next time, we hope you will attend. FOMO (fear of missing out) is a very strong motivational impulse.

The 11 articles here are based on 11 lectures given at the conference. I am indebted to these lecturers cum authors for their contributions to both the meeting and to this supplement.

As I curated these articles, I was struck by the excellence of the information presented. I am proud of these authors and, by extension, what we as physicians do every day. These contributing authors have worked for many years to amass the knowledge presented herein. That labor is very obvious when reading the erudite and articulate texts presented.

Furthermore, I was struck by the tenor of these works. There is an undeniable streak of devotion and enjoyment in these articles — devotion to what we do as physicians and joy in being able and entrusted to do it. A dedication to our craft exists and we should all be humbled and honored as each of us in our daily practice works toward the same goal. The work we do for children as pediatric radiologists and physicians truly matters. It is a task we can all feel gratified in and proud of.

So then, and without further ado, please settle yourself into your favorite comfy chair and dig in!


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