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Management of pediatric foot deformities: an imaging review

  • Matthew J. WinfeldEmail author
  • Brittany E. Winfeld
Musculoskeletal imaging


Abnormalities of foot alignment can be a cause of significant morbidity in children, and some require complex surgical intervention to improve functionality and decrease pain. Imaging plays a key role in management decisions. We address some of the most common surgical strategies for selected diagnoses including pes planus, congenital vertical talus, pes cavus, and clubfoot, with a focus on imaging findings.


Children Clubfoot Foot Magnetic resonance imaging Pes cavus Pes planus Radiography Vertical talus 


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  1. 1.Lancaster Radiology AssociatesLancaster General Hospital, Penn MedicineLancasterUSA
  2. 2.Mount Joy Foot and Ankle AssociatesMount JoyUSA

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