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Pediatric Radiology editorial board — acknowledgments and updates

  • Peter J. StrouseEmail author
  • Øystein E. Olsen

The Editorial Board of Pediatric Radiology provides guidance on content and direction of the journal. Individuals are invited to serve on the journal’s Editorial Board because of their expertise and experience in subject matter, established record of excellence, and availability and reliability in reviewing manuscripts, and in recognition of other contributions to the journal and the profession of pediatric radiology. We sincerely thank the members of the Editorial Board for their contributions to the ongoing success of our journal. The Editorial Board of Pediatric Radiology is listed in the front matter of each issue of the journal.

Editorial Board membership is not honorary. The Editorial Board of Pediatric Radiology is a working editorial board. Editorial Board members do a greater number of reviews, not infrequently involving papers that are challenging, controversial or obscure in nature. In addition, members of the Editorial Board contribute as subject matter experts. Editorial Board members assist the editors as consultants and by identifying new reviewers to add to our team. Editorial Board members are occasionally asked to contribute commentaries on important or controversial articles. Editorial Board members are asked to contribute to the journal in the form of review articles, minisymposia and other special projects at least once every 3–5 years. These contributions undergo the standard review process.

The composition of the Editorial Board of Pediatric Radiology is re-evaluated and updated each year. The new Editorial Board takes effect with the January issue of each volume (year). Service is not term-limited.

The editorial team is extremely grateful to our Editorial Board members for their important contributions to the journal. Success of the journal is dependent on the expertise, guidance and contributions of the community of experts in pediatric imaging and related subjects. We would like to sincerely thank the following outgoing Editorial Board members for their years of excellent service to the journal:
  • Michael Klein (Gastrointestinal)

  • Robert McKinstry (Neuroradiology)

  • Rita Teele (General Paediatric Radiology)

  • Richard Towbin (Interventional)

We would like to welcome the following incoming Editorial Board members:
  • Anne Marie Cahill (Interventional)

  • Nadja Kadom (Neuroradiology)

  • Daniel Podberesky (Gastrointestinal)

At this time, we would also like to note two other changes to our editorial team. Annie Paterson has stepped down from her position as an assistant editor for the European editorial office. We sincerely thank Annie for her years of service to the journal — she is a keen judge and manager of manuscripts, has performed those tasks excellently and has truly been key to our success. Second, on Jan. 11, Pat Vario will retire as the journal’s editorial assistant. As detailed in Pat’s biography for the Society for Pediatric Radiology (SPR) President’s Award in the 2018 SPR meeting supplement, Pat has truly been the keystone partner of our team and the glue that holds our editorial work together. Pat has kept her editors (Dr. Slovis and Dr. Strouse) headed in the right direction, on task and accountable. In every way, Pat has been an exemplary co-worker who has made our work and the manuscripts of every author better. It is with great thankfulness that we wish Pat many years of joy and happiness in her retirement.

We are very pleased that Sylviane Hanquinet of Geneva, Switzerland, has joined the Pediatric Radiology team as the new assistant editor for the European editorial office. We also take this opportunity to introduce Stephanie Custer, our new journal editorial assistant. Stephanie has big shoes to fill (Pat’s), but is off to a terrific start. Welcome to Sylviane and Stephanie!

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  1. 1.Section of Pediatric Radiology, C. S. Mott Children’s Hospital, Room 3-231, Department of RadiologyUniversity of Michigan Health SystemAnn ArborUSA
  2. 2.Radiology DepartmentGreat Ormond Street Hospital for ChildrenLondonUK

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