Pediatric Radiology

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Diagnostic accuracy of surgeon performed ultrasound (SPU) for appendicitis in children

Soundappan SV, Karpelowsky J, Lam A et al

J Pediatr Surg (2018)53:2023–2027

Appendicitis is the most common pediatric surgical problem, comprising approximately 80% of pediatric surgical emergencies. The clinical examination is equivocal in over 30% of patients, with the number of equivocal cases increasing in younger age groups. The authors of this study have compared the results of US for the diagnosis of appendicitis performed by a single pediatric surgeon (SPU) with the results of official US performed by the radiology department (RPU). A total of 65 patients, with a mean age of 10 years (range 3-15) underwent both examinations. The SPU examinations were performed with both curved and linear transducers, utilizing graded compression beginning at the point of maximal tenderness. The level of training of the pediatric surgeon is not stated, and the methodology used in the radiology department is...

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