Pediatric Radiology

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Meniscal pathology in children: differences and similarities with the adult meniscus

  • Michael L. Francavilla
  • Ricardo Restrepo
  • Kathryn W. Zamora
  • Vijaya Sarode
  • Stephen M. Swirsky
  • Douglas Mintz


The normal meniscus undergoes typical developmental changes during childhood, reaching a mature adult appearance by approximately 10 years of age. In addition to recognizing normal meniscal appearances in children, identifying abnormalities — such as tears and the different types of discoid meniscus and meniscal cysts, as well as the surgical implications of these abnormalities — is vital in pediatric imaging. The reported incidence of meniscal tears in adolescents and young adults has increased because of increased sports participation and more widespread use of MRI. This review discusses the normal appearance of the pediatric meniscus, meniscal abnormalities, associated injuries, and prognostic indicators for repair.


Knee Trauma Meniscus Meniscal cyst Discoid meniscus Magnetic resonance imaging Child Adolescent 


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  • Ricardo Restrepo
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  • Kathryn W. Zamora
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  • Vijaya Sarode
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  • Stephen M. Swirsky
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  • Douglas Mintz
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