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Beyond a Broken Heart: Circulatory Dysfunction in the Failing Fontan

  • Makoto Mori
  • Alfredo J. Aguirre
  • Robert W. Elder
  • Ali Kashkouli
  • Alton Brad Farris
  • Ryan M. Ford
  • Wendy M. BookEmail author
Review Article


The role of ventricular dysfunction in late morbidity and mortality of univentricular hearts has been described previously. However, a significant proportion of adult Fontan patients who die or require heart transplantation do so with preserved ventricular function. The clinical deterioration in patients who have undergone Fontan palliation requires a broader view of circulatory dysfunction, one that takes into account the complex interaction of regulatory systems affecting hepatic, renal, and pulmonary blood flow, in addition to cardiac function. This review focuses primarily on the pathophysiology of multiple organ involvement in this circulatory dysfunction, with particular focus on the consequences of hepatic dysfunction and portal hypertension. The authors discuss hepatic perfusion, both in health and disease, and review the current understanding of liver histopathology and liver disease in adult Fontan patients and similar clinicopathologic states. They compare and contrast features of postsinusoidal portal hypertension with more typical adult cirrhotic disease. Finally, they delineate the related effects of portal hypertensive physiology on the systemic and pulmonary vasculature, the kidney, and the heart itself and discuss how these changes affect the care of the adult Fontan patient.


Fontan Adult congenital heart disease Fontan failure Hepatic disease Portal hypertension 



We thank Matthew Certain, MD, and Nicholas Wozmak, MD, for their contributions to the artwork.


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