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Heart Rate Variability in Children With Fontan Circulation: Lateral Tunnel and Extracardiac Conduit

  • Jenny Alenius Dahlqvist
  • Marcus Karlsson
  • Urban Wiklund
  • Rolf Hörnsten
  • Eva Strömvall-Larsson
  • Håkan Berggren
  • Katarina Hanseus
  • Sune Johansson
  • Annika RydbergEmail author
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The technique in Fontan surgery has developed from the lateral tunnel (LT) toward the extracardiac conduit (EC) used to reduce long-term complications such as atrial arrhythmia and sinus node dysfunction. Heart rate variability (HRV) examines cardiac nervous activity controlling the sinus node. This study aimed to investigate HRV in a cohort of children with univentricular hearts, focusing on the relation between HRV and surgical procedure. For 112 children with Fontan circulation, HRV was analyzed using power spectral analysis. Spectral power was determined in three regions: very-low-frequency (VLF), low-frequency (LF), and high-frequency (HF) regions. Patients were compared with 66 healthy controls subject. Patients with LT were compared with patients who had EC. The children with Fontan circulation showed a significantly reduced HRV including total power (P < 0.0001), VLF (P < 0.0001), LF (P < 0.0001), and HF (P = 0.001) compared with the control subjects. The LT and EC patients did not differ significantly. Reduced HRV was found in both the LT and EC patients. In terms of HRV reduction, EC was not superior to LT.


Extracardiac conduit Fontan circulation Heart rate variability Lateral tunnel 



This study was funded by the Swedish Heart-Lung Foundation according to the Agreement on Medical Education and Research, Västerbotten County Council, Sweden.


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  • Marcus Karlsson
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  • Urban Wiklund
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  • Rolf Hörnsten
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  • Eva Strömvall-Larsson
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  • Håkan Berggren
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  • Katarina Hanseus
    • 6
  • Sune Johansson
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  • Annika Rydberg
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    Email author
  1. 1.Department of Clinical SciencesUmeå UniversityUmeåSweden
  2. 2.Department of Biomedical Engineering and InformaticsUmeå UniversityUmeåSweden
  3. 3.Department of Surgical and Perioperative Science, Clinical PhysiologyUmeå UniversityUmeåSweden
  4. 4.Division of Cardiology, Department of PaediatricsSahlgrenska University Hospital/Queen Silvia Children’s Hospital, Göteborg UniversityGöteborgSweden
  5. 5.Department of Cardiothoracic SurgerySahlgrenska University Hospital/Queen Silvia Children’s Hospital, Göteborg UniversityGöteborgSweden
  6. 6.Department of PaediatricsChildren’s Hospital, Lund University HospitalLundSweden
  7. 7.Paediatric Cardiac Surgical UnitChildren’s Hospital, Lund University HospitalLundSweden

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