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Rare Pediatric Cardiac Tumor Presentation

  • Jamie PenkEmail author
  • Peter Koenig
  • Constantine Mavroudis
Case Report


A case of cardiac inflammatory pseudotumor with a unique presentation is reported. This especially rare case belongs to a subset of pseudotumor caused by an infectious etiology. Furthermore, it is unique in that the patient experienced unexplained sinus tachycardia, which resolved with resection of the tumor. This report also emphasizes the importance of multiple imaging methods combined with the usefulness of surgery for treatment and diagnosis.


Inflammatory myofibroblastic tumor Inflammatory pseudotumor Intracardiac tumor Pseudotumor 

Supplementary material

246_2009_9476_MOESM1_ESM.avi (14.1 mb)
AVI 1: AVI. Echocardiographic clip of the apical four-chamber view. The mass is in the right atrium, and an area of central lucency is shown. (AVI 14390 kb)

AVI 2: AVI. Echocardiograph sweep from the subcostal view showing a mass adherent to the right atrial wall. (AVI 14444 kb)


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  • Jamie Penk
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    Email author
  • Peter Koenig
    • 1
  • Constantine Mavroudis
    • 1
  1. 1.Children’s Memorial HospitalChicagoUSA

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