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Right Superior Vena Cava Drainage into the Left Atrium Associated with a Coronary–Cameral Fistula Occluding an Atrial–Septal Defect: First Echocardiographic, Angiographic, and Surgical Description

  • Azad Sushil
  • Joshi Raja
  • Singh Manvinder
  • Joshi Reena
  • Kohli VikasEmail author
Case Report


Right superior vena cava (SVC) drainage into the left atrium causing hypoxemia is a very rare congenital malformation. This anomaly can result in complications of chronic cyanosis and paradoxical embolism. It rarely is associated with any other congenital malformation. This is the first case report of right SVC drainage into the left atrium associated with a coronary cameral fistula. During surgical repair, the aneurysmal part of the cameral fistula was noted to be occluding a defect in the atrial septum. Repair of the cameral fistula and rerouting of the SVC via the atrial septal defect were performed.


Right SVC to left atrium Right-to-left shunt 

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  • Azad Sushil
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  • Joshi Raja
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  • Singh Manvinder
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  • Joshi Reena
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  • Kohli Vikas
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    Email author
  1. 1.Department of Pediatric Cardiology and Congenital Cardiac SurgeryIndraprastha Apollo HospitalNew DelhiIndia

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