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Age-specific prevalence of kidney stones in Chinese urban inhabitants

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The data on prevalence of kidney stones are lacking in China. We enrolled a total of 1,169,651 urban inhabitants across China in 2008 to detect if they are experiencing kidney stones by ultrasound diagnosis. Calibrated after the Chinese population census, the overall prevalence rate was estimated to be 4.0 %, 4.8 % in men and 3.0 % in women. A male predominance was found in all age group . The prevalence in the north (4.1 %) was slightly higher than that in the south (4.0 %). This study provides a quantitative and updated estimate of the kidney stone prevalence in a nationally representative sample.


Kidney stone Prevalence Urban inhabitants China 



The authors of this manuscript are thankful for the support of all the investigators and participants who contributed to this survey. This work was supported by the state science and technology support program [grant number 2012BAI37B04].


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  1. 1.International Medical CenterChinese PLA General HospitalBeijingChina
  2. 2.Department of Nutrition and Food Hygiene School of Public HealthPeking University Health Science CenterBeijingChina

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