Journal of Molecular Evolution

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Intron Length and Codon Usage

  • Alexander E. Vinogradov


The correlation was shown between the length of introns and the codon usage of the coding sequences of the corresponding genes, which in some cases can be related to the level of gene expression. The link is positive in the unicellular organisms, i.e., genes with the longer introns show the higher bias of codon usage. It is most pronounced in baker's yeast, where it is definitely related to the level of gene expression—genes with the higher level of expression have the longer introns. The correlation is inverted in multicellular organisms as compared to unicellular ones. Some organisms, however, do not show the link. The presence or absence of the link does not seem to be related to the GC percent of the coding sequences.

Key words: Genome evolution — Noncoding DNA — Junk DNA — Intervening sequence — Codon usage — Codon bias — Gene expression — Unicellular — Multicellular — Baker's yeast 


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  • Alexander E. Vinogradov
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  1. 1.Institute of Cytology, Russian Academy of Sciences, Tikhoretsky Ave. 4, St. Petersburg 194064Russia

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