Giant primary lymphedema of the vulva in a young female

  • Mohamed Elsayed Mohamed MohamedEmail author
  • Yousef Abdalazeem
  • Mina Senada
  • Mostafa Ahmed Abo-Omar
Case Report


A 21-year-old single female with a large swelling of the vulva’s left labia majora was diagnosed with a case of primary lymphedema of the left lower limb and external genitalia. The giant labial swelling was excised, and the patient experiences no complications or recurrence for 7 months postoperatively. Following the surgical excision of the swelling, the left labia majora and minora were reconstructed successfully. The excised mass weighed 6.3 kg and measured 40 cm x 35 cm x 30 cm. There were no complications postoperatively, and the patient has not experienced recurrence during the 7-month follow-up period. The patient returned to her normal life.

Level of evidence: Level V, therapeutic study.


Primary lymphedema Giant swelling Vulva Labiaplasty 


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