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Scrotal reconstruction: a review and a proposed algorithm

  • Qadir Khan
  • Robert John William Knight
  • Anna Goodwin-Walters


Scrotal reconstruction is a difficult problem following infection, trauma or tumour resection. The focus of classic reconstructive options remains occlusive and aesthetic with little regard for testicular function. The important factors in choosing the right reconstructive option for our patients are age, testicular functional requirements and best aesthetic outcome. We reviewed contemporary options available for reconstruction of the scrotum and their effects on testicular function in an effort to provide an algorithm for scrotal reconstruction. We performed an extensive online search using OVID SP, OVID, Medline, PubMed, CINAHL Plus and Cochrane Library database using keywords “scrotal, scrotum and reconstruction”. The introduction of axial pattern analysis of flaps has led to a flourish of innovative and novel coverage techniques to achieve aesthetic and gross reproductive function. With the emergence of new technology, however, spermatogenesis has moved to the forefront of the field, and a new paradigm shift in reconstruction needs to follow. New studies have re-orientated best practice to include this in the reconstructive ladder, and here, we provide a useful algorithm for scrotal reconstitution that will help reconstructive surgeons in choosing the right option for their patients.


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  • Robert John William Knight
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  • Anna Goodwin-Walters
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