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Lobular capillary hemangioma in a post-burn scar

  • S. S. ShirolEmail author
  • Geeta Nimbaragi
  • S. M. Choukimath
  • V. V. Yenni
Case Report


Hemangioma is a benign proliferation of endothelial cells within the superficial dermis, the deep dermis, internal organs and subcutis, or in both locations. It is classified as “capillary”, “cavernous”, or “lobular” hemangiomas. It is commonly seen in children during birth. It is very rare that hemangioma is seen in post-burn hypertrophic scar. A 42-year-old female who was treated 1 year back for 40 % of second degree superficial to deep burns had come with a history of swelling over the scar in the chin area since 1 month. There was history of occasional bleeding from the lesion. There was no history of trauma or pain. On examination, a 6 × 4 cm compressible, nontender swelling consistent with hemangioma was seen over the chin scar. The patient was taken up for excision of the lesion, and the defect was covered by a split-thickness skin graft. The histopathological examination showed that all features are suggestive of lobular hemangioma.

Level of evidence: Level V, diagnostic study.


Post-burn hemangioma Post-burn complication Lobular capillary hemangioma LCH Pyogenic granuloma 


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  • Geeta Nimbaragi
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  • S. M. Choukimath
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