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Green's Equivalences on Semigroups of Transformations Preserving Order and an Equivalence Relation

  • Pei HuishengEmail author
  • Zou Dingyu


Let ${\cal T}_X$ be the full transformation semigroup on the set $X$, \[ T_{E}(X)=\{f\in {\cal T}_X\colon \ \forall(a,b)\in E,(f(a),f(b))\in E\} \] be the subsemigroup of ${\cal T}_X$ determined by an equivalence $E$ on $X$. In this paper the set $X$ under consideration is a totally ordered set with $mn$ points where $m\geq 2$ and $n\geq 3$. The equivalence $E$ has $m$ classes each of which contains $n$ consecutive points. The set of all order preserving transformations in $T_{E}(X)$ forms a subsemigroup of $T_E(X)$ denoted by \[ {\cal O}_{E}(X)=\{f\in T_{E}(X)\colon \ \forall\, x, y\in X, \ x\leq y \mbox{ implies } f(x)\leq f(y)\}. \] The nature of regular elements in ${\cal O}_{E}(X)$ is described and the Green's equivalences on ${\cal O}_{E}(X)$ are characterized completely.


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  1. 1.Department of Mathematics, Xinyang Normal University, Xinyang, Henan 464000P. R. China
  2. 2.Department of Information Science, Jiangsu Polytechnic University Changzhou, Jiangsu 213000P. R. China

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