Diffusion of methane in high-silica CHA zeolite

  • Hafez MaghsoudiEmail author
  • Vahid Nozari
  • S. Reza Zamzami


Diffusivity of methane in CHA-type zeolite (Si/Al = 160) was investigated by uptake rate method using a volumetric adsorption setup. The methane diffusivities were measured over a range of temperature (298-393 K) and pressure (0-0.9 bar) to study the effect of temperature and pressure on the diffusion coefficients. The results showed that the diffusivities decrease with pressure while they increase with increase in temperature. Furthermore, activation energy of diffusion decreases with pressure. The limiting values of activation energy and diffusivity of methane (at 298 K) at p = 0 (zero loading) were estimated to be 18.0 kJ/mol and ~3.2 × 10−13 m2/s, respectively. The results were compared with the diffusivities of CH4 in 12-, 10- and 8-MR zeolites.



initial loading of the zeolite particles, (mol/kg)


diffusivity, (m2/s)


diffusivity at infinite temperature, (m2/s)


activation energy of diffusion, (kJ mol-1)


mass of adsorptive in storage vessel prior to adsorption, (mol)


mass of adsorptive in gas phase, (mol)


mass adsorbed on the adsorbent at time t, (mol/kg)


mass adsorbed at the equilibrium (t→∞), (mol/kg)


molar mass of adsorptive gas, (kg/kmol)


pressure of adsorptive gas, (bar)


radius of adsorbents particle, (m)


universal gas constant, (83.14 cm3 bar mol-1 K-1)


time, (s)


absolute temperature, (K)


volume of adsorption chamber, (cm3)


volume of storage vessel, (cm3)


volume of a (porous) sorbent measured by helium expansion experiments, (cm3)


weight fraction of the particles of radius ri, (-)


gas compressibility factor, (-)


variance of a measurable quantity, (unit2)



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  • Hafez Maghsoudi
    • 1
    Email author
  • Vahid Nozari
    • 1
  • S. Reza Zamzami
    • 1
  1. 1.Chemical Engineering Faculty and Nanostructure Materials Research Center (NMRC)Sahand University of TechnologyTabrizIran

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