Heat and Mass Transfer

, Volume 43, Issue 7, pp 623–628 | Cite as

An analytical and experimental investigation of flow characteristics generated by rotating porous disk

  • K. Takeda
  • V. K. Baev
  • S. S. Minaev


This paper is concerned with investigations of the gas flow around and in the cell-porous rotating disk. A simple 1D model of gas flow is presented. Usually the cell-porous materials are applied in heat exchangers and stationary filters. On the other hand, peculiarities of the flow revealed under theoretical analysis and some experimental observations demonstrate that rotating porous disks may also be effectively exploited in the shear-force machines for the gas transport purposes.


Cell-porous materials Filtrational hydrodynamics Gas flow in rotating system Shear-force pumps Heat exchangers 



Porous disk width


Drag force coefficient



\(P = \frac{{p - p_{\infty}}}{{\rho \omega ^{2} R^{2}_{0}}}\)

Non-dimensional pressure


Gas flow rate through the disk

\(Q = \frac{q}{{\omega R^{2}_{0}}}\)

Non-dimensional gas flow rate through the disk


Radius vector

\({\left| {\vec{r}} \right|} = r\)

Radius in cylindrical coordinates


Radius of the porous disk


Tangential component of the gas velocity

\(U = \frac{u}{{\omega R_{0}}}\)

Non-dimensional tangential component of the gas velocity

\(\vec{V} = (v, u, w)\)

Vector of the gas velocity


Radial component of the gas velocity

\(V = \frac{v}{{\omega R_{0}}}\)

Non-dimensional radial component of the gas velocity


Axial component of the gas velocity;

\(W = \frac{w}{{\omega R_{0}}}\)

Non-dimensional axial component of the gas velocity


Axial coordinate

Greek symbols


Small non-dimensional parameter (ratio between disk width and disk radius)


Non-dimensional drag force coefficient


Gas density

\(\varsigma = \frac{r}{{R_{0}}}\)

Non-dimensional radial coordinate


Angular velocity of the gas rotation



The authors are grateful to Mr. D. V. Chusov and Mr. A. D. Frolov for technical advice and Mr. A. Ya. Korotkih for his help in experiments. This work was partially supported by the Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences under the integration project entitled “Flows generated by cell-porous rotors and their application in energy conversion devices”.


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Department of Machine Intelligence and System EngineeringAkita Prefectural UniversityHonjyo, AkitaJapan
  2. 2.Institute of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics SB RASNovosibirskRussia

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