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On the Rees algebra of certain codimension two perfect ideals

  • Hà Huy Tài


 Suppose ? is a set of arbitrary number of smooth points in ℙ2 \(\) its defining ideal. In this paper, we study the Rees algebras \(\) of the ideals generated by I t , t ≥α. When the points of ? are general, we give a set of defining equations for the Rees algebra \(\) . When the points of ? are arbitrary, we show that for all t≫ 0, the Rees algebra \(\) is Cohen-Macaulay and its defining ideal is generated by quadratics. A cohomological characterization for arithmetic Cohen-Macaulayness of subvarieties of a product space is also given.


Perfect Ideal Rees Algebra 
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  • Hà Huy Tài
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  1. 1.Institute of Mathematics, P.O. Box 631, Bò Hô, Hà Nôi 10000, Vietnam. e-mail: or haht@mast.queensu.caVN

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