Correction to: Efficacy of phloroglucinol for the treatment of pain of gynaecologic or obstetrical origin: a systematic review of literature of randomised controlled trials

  • Clara BlanchardEmail author
  • Paul Vanderkam
  • Denis Pouchain
  • Stéphanie Mignot
  • Hélène Vaillant-Roussel
  • Rémy Boussageon

Correction to: European Journal of Clinical Pharmacology

The correct presentation of the Author names are shown in this paper.

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  1. 1.Department of General MedicineUniversity of PoitiersPoitiers Cedex 9France
  2. 2.Clinical Research UnitHenri Laborit HospitalPoitiersFrance
  3. 3.Laboratory of Experimental and Clinical NeurosciencesUniversity of Poitiers, INSERM, U-1084PoitiersFrance
  4. 4.Department of General MedicineUniversity of ToursTours Cedex 1France
  5. 5.Department of General Medicine and UPU ACCePPTUniversity of AuvergneClermont-FerrandFrance
  6. 6.College of General MedicineUniversity of LyonLyon Cedex 08France

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