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The Editors and the Editorial Office would like to thank all Board Members and the many other scientists who helped us in reviewing manuscripts in 2019 and thus contributed to ensure the quality of our journal.

Acquah G., Harpenden, UK

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Ardelean I., Cluj-Napoca, RO

Argyropoulos D., Raleigh, US

Ashaari Z., Serdang, MY

Avramidis S., Vancouver, CA

Baensch F., Berlin, DE

Ballerini M., Trento, IT

Baño V., Soria, ES

Barboutis I., Thessaloniki, GR

Bardet M., Grenoble, FR

Bianchi S., Biel, CH

Bogosanovic M., Auckland, NZ

Bremananth R., Sur, OM

Brischke C., Göttingen, DE

Brito V., Cordoba, AR

Bruno L., Arcavacata di Rende, IT

Bulgariu L., Iaşi, RO

Burgert I., Zürich, CH

Cabulis U., Riga, LV

Caillol S., Montpellier, FR

Camino G., Allessandria, IT

Chaplain M., Talence, FR

Cheng H. N., New Orleans, US

Cho N.-S., Cheongju, KR

Chuangchote S., Bangkok, TH

Coffin D. W., Oxford, US

Cool J., Vancouver, CA



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