Distribution Policies for Datalog

  • Bas KetsmanEmail author
  • Aws Albarghouthi
  • Paraschos Koutris
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Modern data management systems extensively use parallelism to speed up query processing over massive volumes of data. This trend has inspired a rich line of research on how to formally reason about the parallel complexity of join computation. In this paper, we go beyond joins and study the parallel evaluation of recursive queries. We introduce a novel framework to reason about multi-round evaluation of Datalog programs, which combines implicit predicate restriction with distribution policies to allow expressing a combination of data-parallel and query-parallel evaluation strategies. Using our framework, we reason about key properties of distributed Datalog evaluation, including parallel-correctness of the evaluation strategy, disjointness of the computation effort, and bounds on the number of communication rounds.


Datalog queries Distributed evaluation Distribution policies 



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