Evaluating Datalog via Tree Automata and Cycluits

  • Antoine Amarilli
  • Pierre Bourhis
  • Mikaël MonetEmail author
  • Pierre Senellart
Part of the following topical collections:
  1. Special Issue on Database Theory (ICDT 2017)


We investigate parameterizations of both database instances and queries that make query evaluation fixed-parameter tractable in combined complexity. We show that clique-frontier-guarded Datalog with stratified negation (CFG-Datalog) enjoys bilinear-time evaluation on structures of bounded treewidth for programs of bounded rule size. Such programs capture in particular conjunctive queries with simplicial decompositions of bounded width, guarded negation fragment queries of bounded CQ-rank, or two-way regular path queries. Our result is shown by translating to alternating two-way automata, whose semantics is defined via cyclic provenance circuits (cycluits) that can be tractably evaluated.


Database theory Datalog Automata Provenance Circuits 



This work was partly funded by the Télécom ParisTech Research Chair on Big Data and Market Insights.


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