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Bounds in Ontology-Based Data Access via Circuit Complexity

  • Vladimir V. Podolskii


Ontology-based data access is an approach to organizing access to a database augmented with a logical theory. In this approach query answering proceeds through a reformulation of a given query into a new one that can be answered without any use of theory. Thus the problem reduces to the standard database setting. However, the size of the query may increase substantially during the reformulation. In this survey we review a recently developed framework on proving lower and upper bounds on the size of this reformulation by employing methods and results from Boolean Circuit Complexity. The survey does not assume from the reader any prior knowledge on ontology-based data access.


Ontology-based data access Boolean circuits 



The author is grateful to Michael Zakharyaschev, Mikhail Vyalyi, Evgeny Zolin, Stanislav Kikot and the anonymous reviewer for helpful comments on the preliminary version of this survey.


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