Theory of Computing Systems

, Volume 39, Issue 1, pp 209–235 | Cite as

Local Limit Properties for Pattern Statistics and Rational Models

  • Alberto Bertoni
  • Christian Choffrut
  • Massimiliano Goldwurm
  • Violetta Lonati


Motivated by problems of pattern statistics, we study the limit distribution of the random variable counting the number of occurrences of the symbol a in a word of length n chosen at random in {a,b}*, according to a probability distribution defined via a rational formal series s with positive real coefficients. Our main result is a local limit theorem of Gaussian type for these statistics under the hypothesis that s is a power of a primitive series. This result is obtained by showing a general criterion for (Gaussian) local limit laws of sequences of integer random variables. To prove our result we also introduce and analyse a notion of symbol-periodicity for irreducible matrices, whose entries are polynomials over positive semirings; the properties we prove on this topic extend the classical Perron--Frobenius theory of non-negative real matrices. As a further application we obtain some asymptotic evaluations of the maximum coefficient of monomials of given size for rational series in two commutative variables.


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Dipartimento di Scienze dell'Informazione, Universita degli Studi di Milano, Via Comelico 39/41, 20135 MilanoItaly
  2. 2.L.I.A.F.A., Universite Paris VII, 2 Place Jussieu, 75221 ParisFrance

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