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Treatment of Osteoporosis with Parathyroid Hormone and Teriparatide

  • Johannes Pleiner-DuxneunerEmail author
  • Elisabeth Zwettler
  • Eleftherios Paschalis
  • Paul Roschger
  • Valerie Nell-Duxneuner
  • Klaus Klaushofer


Nowadays osteoporosis treatment is based primarily on therapy with antiresorptive agents, like the bisphosphonates. Parathyroid hormone (Preotact) and human recombinant parathyroid hormone peptide 1–34 (Teriparatide) are relatively new for the treatment of osteoporosis and belong to the group of anabolic agents. Both agents demonstrated an increase in bone mineral density and a significant reduction in vertebral fractures in postmenopausal women with osteoporosis when given for 18–24 months. Data on nonvertebral fractures are, however, not clear-cut, and so far only bisphosphonates and strontium ranelate have been demonstrated to reduce all types of fractures and therefore remain the front-line option for treatment of osteoporosis. As the safety, tolerability, and cost of the therapy also influence the choice of therapy, Preotact and Teriparatide might be useful additions to the armamentarium for (second-line) treatment of osteoporosis.


Preotact Teriparatide Osteoporosis Anabolic Bone mineral density 


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