Calcified Tissue International

, Volume 75, Issue 3, pp 225–230

Effects of Doxycycline on Mechanical Properties of Bones in Rats with Ovariectomy-Induced Osteopenia



Tetracyclines have been reported to inhibit bone resorption and intensify bone formation. The aim of the present study was to investigate the effects of doxycycline (20 mg/kg PO daily for 28 days) on bone mechanical properties in bilaterally ovariectomized and sham-operated rats. The experiment was carried out on 3-month-old Wistar rats. Mechanical properties of the whole femur (extrinsic stiffness, ultimate and breaking load, deformation caused by applied load) and the femoral neck (load at fracture) as well as bone mass and bone mineral content in the tibia, femur, and L4 vertebra were examined. Bilateral ovariectomy resulted in decreases in bone mineral content/bone mass ratio and worsening of mechanical properties of the femoral neck. The changes were counteracted by doxycycline. Doxycycline reversed the effect of ovariectomy on load at fracture of the femoral neck. Doxycycline did not significantly affect the mechanical properties of bones in the sham-operated rats.


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