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On the number of zeros of Abelian integrals

A constructive solution of the infinitesimal Hilbert sixteenth problem


We prove that the number of limit cycles generated from nonsingular energy level ovals (periodic trajectories) in a small non-conservative perturbation of a Hamiltonian polynomial vector field on the plane, is bounded by a double exponential of the degree of the fields. This solves the long-standing infinitesimal Hilbert 16th problem.

The proof uses only the fact that Abelian integrals of a given degree are horizontal sections of a regular flat meromorphic connection defined over ℚ (the Gauss-Manin connection) with a quasiunipotent monodromy group.

Mathematics Subject Classification (2000)

34C07 34C08 34M10 34M60 14Q20 32S40 


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  • Gal Binyamini
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  • Dmitry Novikov
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  • Sergei Yakovenko
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  1. 1.Weizmann Institute of ScienceRehovotIsrael

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