Communications in Mathematical Physics

, Volume 222, Issue 3, pp 495–501 | Cite as

No or Infinitely Many A.C.I.P.¶for Piecewise Expanding Cr Maps¶in Higher Dimensions

  • Jérôme Buzzi


We modify Tsujii's example [9] to show that in contrast with the one-dimensional case, piecewise uniformly expanding and C r maps of the plane may:

(1) either have no absolutely continuous invariant probability measures (a.c.i.p. for short) and be such that {\bf every point} is statistically attracted to a fixed repelling point;¶

(2) or have infinitely many ergodic a.c.i.p.


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  • Jérôme Buzzi
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  1. 1.Centre de Mathématiques de l'Ecole Polytechnique U.M.R. 7640 du C.N.R.S., 91128 Palaiseau Cedex, France. E-mail: buzzi@math.polytechnique.frFR

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