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, Volume 341, Issue 3, pp 821–884 | Cite as

Twists of Plücker Coordinates as Dimer Partition Functions

  • R. J. MarshEmail author
  • J. S. Scott


The homogeneous coordinate ring of the Grassmannian Gr k,n has a cluster structure defined in terms of planar diagrams known as Postnikov diagrams. The cluster corresponding to such a diagram consists entirely of Plücker coordinates. We introduce a twist map on Gr k,n , related to the Berenstein–Fomin–Zelevinsky-twist, and give an explicit Laurent expansion for the twist of an arbitrary Plücker coordinate in terms of the cluster variables associated with a fixed Postnikov diagram. The expansion arises as a (scaled) dimer partition function of a weighted version of the bipartite graph dual to the Postnikov diagram, modified by a boundary condition determined by the Plücker coordinate. We also relate the twist map to a maximal green sequence.


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