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Gauge Theories Labelled by Three-Manifolds

  • Tudor DimofteEmail author
  • Davide Gaiotto
  • Sergei Gukov


We propose a dictionary between geometry of triangulated 3-manifolds and physics of three-dimensional \({\mathcal{N} = 2}\) gauge theories. Under this duality, standard operations on triangulated 3-manifolds and various invariants thereof (classical as well as quantum) find a natural interpretation in field theory. For example, independence of the SL(2) Chern-Simons partition function on the choice of triangulation translates to a statement that \({S^{3}_{b}}\) partition functions of two mirror 3d \({\mathcal{N} = 2}\) gauge theories are equal. Three-dimensional \({\mathcal{N} = 2}\) field theories associated to 3-manifolds can be thought of as theories that describe boundary conditions and duality walls in four-dimensional \({\mathcal{N} = 2}\) SCFTs, thus making the whole construction functorial with respect to cobordisms and gluing.


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