Communications in Mathematical Physics

, Volume 314, Issue 3, pp 807–816 | Cite as

Rotational Invariance of the 2d Spin – Spin Correlation Function

  • Haru PinsonEmail author


At the critical temperature in the 2d Ising model on the square lattice, we establish the rotational invariance of the spin-spin correlation function using the asymptotics of the spin-spin correlation function along special directions (McCoy and Wu in the two dimensional Ising model. Harvard University Press, Cambridge, 1973) and the finite difference Hirota equation for which the spin-spin correlation function is shown to satisfy (Perk in Phys Lett A 79:3–5, 1980; Perk in Proceedings of III international symposium on selected topics in statistical mechanics, Dubna, August 22–26, 1984, JINR, vol II, pp 138–151, 1985).


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  1. 1.Pima Community CollegeTucsonUSA

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