Communications in Mathematical Physics

, Volume 312, Issue 1, pp 265–302 | Cite as

Deformations of Quantum Field Theories and Integrable Models

  • Gandalf Lechner


Deformations of quantum field theories which preserve Poincaré covariance and localization in wedges are a novel tool in the analysis and construction of model theories. Here a general scenario for such deformations is discussed, and an infinite class of explicit examples is constructed on the Borchers-Uhlmann algebra underlying Wightman quantum field theory. These deformations exist independently of the space-time dimension, and contain the recently studied warped convolution deformation as a special case. In the special case of two-dimensional Minkowski space, they can be used to deform free field theories to integrable models with non-trivial S-matrix.


Invariant State Spectrum Condition Double Cone Opposite Deformation Wedge Algebra 
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