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Topological Geon Black Holes in Einstein-Yang-Mills Theory

  • George T. Kottanattu
  • Jorma LoukoEmail author


We construct topological geon quotients of two families of Einstein-Yang-Mills black holes. For Künzle’s static, spherically symmetric SU(n) black holes with n > 2, a geon quotient exists but generically requires promoting charge conjugation into a gauge symmetry. For Kleihaus and Kunz’s static, axially symmetric SU(2) black holes a geon quotient exists without gauging charge conjugation, and the parity of the gauge field winding number determines whether the geon gauge bundle is trivial. The geon’s gauge bundle structure is expected to have an imprint in the Hawking-Unruh effect for quantum fields that couple to the background gauge field.


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