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Entropic Bounds on Semiclassical Measures for Quantized One-Dimensional Maps



Quantum ergodicity asserts that almost all infinite sequences of eigenstates of quantized ergodic Hamiltonian systems are equidistributed in phase space. This, however, does not prohibit existence of exceptional sequences which might converge to different (non-Liouville) classical invariant measures. It has been recently shown by N. Anantharaman and S. Nonnenmacher in [20,21] (with H. Koch) that for Anosov geodesic flows the metric entropy of any semiclassical measure μ must satisfy a certain bound. This remarkable result seems to be optimal for manifolds of constant negative curvature, but not in the general case, where it might become even trivial if the (negative) curvature of the Riemannian manifold varies a lot. It has been conjectured by the same authors, that in fact, a stronger bound (valid in the general case) should hold.

In the present work we consider such entropic bounds using the model of quantized piecewise linear one-dimensional maps. For a certain class of maps with non-uniform expansion rates we prove the Anantharaman-Nonnenmacher conjecture. Furthermore, for these maps we are able to construct some explicit sequences of eigenstates which saturate the bound. This demonstrates that the conjectured bound is actually optimal in that case.


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