Communications in Mathematical Physics

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Generalized Kähler Potentials from Supergravity

  • Nick Halmagyi
  • Alessandro TomasielloEmail author


We consider supersymmetric \({\mathcal{N} = 2}\) solutions with non–vanishing NS three–form. Building on worldsheet results, we reduce the problem to a single generalized Monge–Ampère equation on the generalized Kähler potential K recently interpreted geometrically by Lindström, Roček, Von Unge and Zabzine. One input in the procedure is a holomorphic function w that can be thought of as the effective superpotential for a D3 brane probe. The procedure is hence likely to be useful for finding gravity duals to field theories with non–vanishing abelian superpotential, such as Leigh–Strassler theories. We indeed show that a purely NS precursor of the Lunin–Maldacena dual to the β–deformed \({\mathcal{N} = 4}\) super–Yang–Mills falls in our class.


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  2. 2.ITPStanford UniversityStanfordUSA

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