Communications in Mathematical Physics

, Volume 282, Issue 2, pp 469–518 | Cite as

Fluctuation Relations for Diffusion Processes

  • Raphaël Chetrite
  • Krzysztof Gawȩdzki


The paper presents a unified approach to different fluctuation relations for classical nonequilibrium dynamics described by diffusion processes. Such relations compare the statistics of fluctuations of the entropy production or work in the original process to the similar statistics in the time-reversed process. The origin of a variety of fluctuation relations is traced to the use of different time reversals. It is also shown how the application of the presented approach to the tangent process describing the joint evolution of infinitesimally close trajectories of the original process leads to a multiplicative extension of the fluctuation relations.


Entropy Production Time Inversion Langevin Dynamic Deterministic Dynamic Fluctuation Relation 
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