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Quasicrystals and Almost Periodicity



We give in this paper topological and dynamical characterizations of mathematical quasicrystals. Let Open image in new window denote the space of uniformly discrete subsets of the Euclidean space. Let Open image in new window denote the elements of Open image in new window that admit an autocorrelation measure. A Patterson set is an element of Open image in new window such that the Fourier transform of its autocorrelation measure is discrete. Patterson sets are mathematical idealizations of quasicrystals. We prove that SOpen image in new window is a Patterson set if and only if S is almost periodic in (Open image in new window,Open image in new window), where Open image in new window denotes the Besicovitch topology. Let χ be an ergodic random element of Open image in new window. We prove that χ is almost surely a Patterson set if and only if the dynamical system has a discrete spectrum. As an illustration, we study deformed model sets.


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