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Taurine content of raw and processed fish fillets/portions

  • T. Ronan GormleyEmail author
  • Tanja Neumann
  • John D. Fagan
  • Nigel P. Brunton
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The health benefits of seafood are well recognised and fish and fish products are increasingly being advocated as functional foods. Taurine is also well recognised as beneficial to cardiovascular health, and seafood is a good source of this compound. This study investigated the taurine content of different fish species and also the use of vacuum tumbling and injection procedures for introducing additional taurine into fish. The taurine content of fish purchased in supermarkets was in the order plaice (146), cod (108), mackerel (78) and farmed salmon (60 mg/100 g fresh weight). Spot-sample tests on 14 other fish species showed a wide range (6–176 mg/100 g fresh weight) in taurine contents. Vacuum tumbling and injection in/with a taurine/sodium tripolyphosphate solution were used successfully to enrich tuna cubes (800 mg/100 g fresh weight) and salmon sides (891 mg/100 g fresh weight), respectively, with taurine thus making them (potentially) functional foods. The added taurine was well retained in processed tuna cubes and did not adversely affect the sensory acceptability of the samples. Taurine retention in cooked taurine-enriched tuna cubes was best for grilling followed by microwave heating and steaming.


Taurine Health Fish Enrichment Functional food 



We thank Thomas Walshe and Brendan Murray for their assistance in conducting these trials. The European Commission (Framework Programme 6, Priority 5, Area is gratefully acknowledged for part-funding these trials as part of the SEAFOODplus Integrated Project (CT-2004-506359).


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  • T. Ronan Gormley
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    Email author
  • Tanja Neumann
    • 1
  • John D. Fagan
    • 1
  • Nigel P. Brunton
    • 1
  1. 1.Ashtown Food Research Centre, TeagascDublin 15Ireland

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