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Analytical characterization and the impact of ageing on anthocyanin composition and degradation in juices from five sour cherry cultivars

  • Daniel Bonerz
  • Kirsten Würth
  • Helmut Dietrich
  • Frank WillEmail author
Original Paper


Five different sour cherry cultivars were processed to sour cherry juices in order to analyze their composition and the impact of storage on anthocyanin composition. Regarding primary juice parameters all cultivars showed high dry masses (13.8–17.2° Brix) and sugar free extracts (59.4–74.3 g/L). Anthocyanins were identified as cyanidin-3-(2G-glucosylrutinoside), cyanidin-3-(2G-xylosylrutinoside), cyanidin-3-sophoroside, cyanidin-3-glucoside, cyanidin-3-rutinoside, and peonidin-3-rutinoside. Besides the original anthocyanins, 5-carboxypyrano-anthocyanins occurred as new reaction products during storage. HPLC-MSn experiments revealed, that a further ageing pigment was probably resulting from the reaction of an original anthocyanin with acetaldehyde. A significant decline of the original anthocyanin concentrations could be observed (70–75%) during 6 months of storage at 20 °C. Degradation kinetics of anthocyanins were calculated taking the reaction rate as first order. Colourless polyphenol concentrations and antioxidant capacities (TEAC) of the juices were not affected during storage.


Anthocyanins Fruit juice Polyphenols Sour cherry Storage 



This research project (AiF-Project No. 13587 N) was supported by the FEI (Forschungskreis der Ernährungsindustrie e.V., Bonn), the AiF and the Ministry of Economics and Technology.


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  • Daniel Bonerz
    • 1
  • Kirsten Würth
    • 1
  • Helmut Dietrich
    • 1
  • Frank Will
    • 1
    Email author
  1. 1.Department of Wine Analysis and Beverage ResearchResearch Institute GeisenheimGeisenheimGermany

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