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Effect of refrigerated storage on vitamin C and antioxidant activity of orange juice processed by high-pressure or pulsed electric fields with regard to low pasteurization

  • Lucía Plaza
  • Concepción Sánchez-Moreno
  • Pedro Elez-Martínez
  • Begoña de Ancos
  • Olga Martín-Belloso
  • M. Pilar Cano
Original Paper


A better knowledge of the effect of refrigerated storage on the nutritional and antioxidant characteristics of foods processed by emerging technologies with regard to thermal traditional technology is necessary. Thus, freshly squeezed orange juice was processed by high-pressure (HP) (400 MPa/40 °C/1 min), pulsed electric fields (PEF) (35 kV/cm/750 μs) and low pasteurization (LPT) (70 °C/30 s). The stability of vitamin C and antioxidant activity was studied just after treatment and during 40 days of refrigerated storage at 4 °C. The determination of total vitamin C (ascorbic acid plus dehydroascorbic acid) was achieved by HPLC whereas the antioxidant activity was assessed by the measurement of the DPPH• radical scavenging. Just after treatment, all treated orange juices showed a decrease lower than 8% in vitamin C content compared with the untreated one. At the end of refrigerated storage, HP and LPT juices showed similar vitamin C losses (14 and 18%, respectively) in relation to untreated juice, although HP juices maintained better the vitamin C content during more days than LPT juices. Regarding antioxidant activity, after 40 days at 4 °C, differences among treated juices were no significant in terms of antiradical efficiency (AE=1/EC50TEC50). HP and PEF may be technologies as effective as LPT to retain antioxidant characteristics of orange juice during refrigerated storage.


Orange juice High-pressure Pulsed electric fields Low pasteurization Vitamin C Antioxidant activity Refrigerated storage 



This work was supported by funding from Comunidad Autónoma de Madrid (07G/0040/2000, 07G/0053/2003) and the Ministry of Science and Technology (AGL2002-04059-C02-02).


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Lucía Plaza
    • 1
  • Concepción Sánchez-Moreno
    • 1
  • Pedro Elez-Martínez
    • 2
  • Begoña de Ancos
    • 1
  • Olga Martín-Belloso
    • 2
  • M. Pilar Cano
    • 1
  1. 1.Department of Plant Foods Science and TechnologyInstituto del Frío, Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC), C/ José Antonio Novais 10, Ciudad UniversitariaMadridSpain
  2. 2.Department of Food Technology, UTPV-CeRTAUniversity of LleidaLleidaSpain

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