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ATR-FT-IR spectral collection of conservation materials in the extended region of 4000-80 cm–1

  • Signe VahurEmail author
  • Anu Teearu
  • Pilleriin Peets
  • Lauri Joosu
  • Ivo Leito
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In this paper, a spectral collection of over 150 ATR-FT-IR spectra of materials related to cultural heritage and conservation science has been presented that have been measured in the extended region of 4000-80 cm–1 (mid-IR and far-IR region). The applicability of the spectra and, in particular, the extended spectral range, for investigation of art-related materials is demonstrated on a case study. This collection of ATRFT-IR reference spectra is freely available online ( and is meant to be a useful tool for researchers in the field of conservation and materials science.


ATR-FT-IR spectroscopy Spectral database Cultural heritage Paints Conservation materials 



This work was supported by the Institutional Funding IUT20-14 (TLOKT14014I) from the Estonian Ministry of Education and Research. The authors gratefully acknowledge Dr. Ulla Knuutinen from Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences (Finland), Heige Peets from Conservation and Digitization Centre Kanut (Estonia), Alar Nurkse from Art Museum of Estonia, Dr. Kalle Kirsimäe from Department of Geology University of Tartu (Estonia), Pärt Taev for donating their materials and samples. Also, the authors thank Rain Sirendi for designing their webpage.

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Authors and Affiliations

  • Signe Vahur
    • 1
    Email author
  • Anu Teearu
    • 1
  • Pilleriin Peets
    • 1
  • Lauri Joosu
    • 2
  • Ivo Leito
    • 1
  1. 1.Institute of Chemistry, Faculty of Science and TechnologyUniversity of TartuTartuEstonia
  2. 2.Department of GeologyUniversity of TartuTartuEstonia

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