Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry

, Volume 406, Issue 7, pp 1903–1908

A colorimetric indicator-displacement assay array for selective detection and identification of biological thiols

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A simple, inexpensive yet highly selective colorimetric indicator-displacement assay array for the simultaneous detection and identification of three important biothiols at micromolar concentrations under physiological conditions and in real samples has been developed in this work. With use of an array composed of metal indicators and metal ions, clear differentiation among cysteine, homocysteine and glutathione was achieved. On the basis of the colour change of the array, quantification of each analyte was accomplished easily, and different biothiols were identified readily using standard chemometric approaches (hierarchical clustering analysis). Moreover, the colorimetric sensor array was not responsive to changes with 19 other natural amino acids, and it showed excellent reproducibility. Importantly, the sensor array developed was successfully applied to the determination and identification of the three biothiols in a real biological sample.


A simple, inexpensive yet highly selective colorimetric indicator-displacement assay array for the simultaneous detection and identification of three important biothiols was developed in this work


Colorimetric sensor array Biothiols Indicator-displacement assay Hierarchical clustering analysis 

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