Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry

, Volume 405, Issue 1, pp 63–90 | Cite as

Advances in pesticide biosensors: current status, challenges, and future perspectives

  • Shaoqin LiuEmail author
  • Zhaozhu Zheng
  • Xinyu Li


Public concern over pesticide residues has been increasing dramatically owing to the high toxicity and bioaccumulation effects of pesticides and the serious risks that they pose to the environment and human health. It is therefore crucial to monitor pesticide residues by using various analytical methods and techniques, especially highly sensitive, highly selective, simple, rapid, cost-effective, and portable ones. Biosensor strategies have become research hotspots and ideal candidates for pesticide detection, having such features as high sensitivity, fast response, robustness, low cost and miniaturization, as well as in situ and real-time monitoring. This review covers advances in the design and fabrication of biosensors for pesticide detection since 2005. Special emphasis is placed on the state-of-art selection of receptors, the use of different transduction techniques and fast screening strategies, and the application of various biosensors developed in food and environmental safety. Both advantages and drawbacks of these techniques are then summarized. Finally, challenges, strategies, and perspectives in further developing pesticide biosensors are also discussed.


Principle of operation of pesticide biosensors


Pesticide residue detection Electrochemical biosensor Optical biosensor Enzyme biosensor Immunosensor 



The authors thank the National Science Foundation of China (20975028 and 91023007), New Century Excellent Talents in University, Outstanding Young Funding of Heilongjiang Province, and the Fundamental Research Funds for Central Universities (HIT. ICRST. 2010 004) for financial support of this research. The authors also would like to thank anonymous reviewers who gave valuable suggestion that has helped to improve the quality of the manuscript.


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