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Applications of microelectromagnetic traps



Microelectromagnetic traps (METs) have been used for almost two decades to manipulate magnetic fields. Different trap geometries have been shown to produce distinct magnetic fields and field gradients. Initially, microelectromagnetic traps were used mainly to separate and concentrate magnetic material at small scales. Recently such traps have been implemented for unique applications, for example filterless bioseparations, inductive heat generation, and biological detection. In this review, we describe recent reports in which MET geometry, current density, or external fields have been used. Descriptions of recent applications in which METs have been used to develop sensors, manipulate DNA, or block ion current are also provided.


Illustration of a magnetic particle trapped by the magnetic field of a microelectromagnet


Microelectromagnetic traps Magnetic particles Magnetic manipulation Microfluidics 







Microelectromagnetic trap(s)


Magnetic particle(s)




Surface-enhanced resonance Raman scattering


Single photon avalanche diode




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