Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry

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Practical issues of hyperspectral imaging analysis of solid dosage forms

  • José Manuel AmigoEmail author


Hyperspectral imaging techniques have widely demonstrated their usefulness in different areas of interest in pharmaceutical research during the last decade. In particular, middle infrared, near infrared, and Raman methods have gained special relevance. This rapid increase has been promoted by the capability of hyperspectral techniques to provide robust and reliable chemical and spatial information on the distribution of components in pharmaceutical solid dosage forms. Furthermore, the valuable combination of hyperspectral imaging devices with adequate data processing techniques offers the perfect landscape for developing new methods for scanning and analyzing surfaces. Nevertheless, the instrumentation and subsequent data analysis are not exempt from issues that must be thoughtfully considered. This paper describes and discusses the main advantages and drawbacks of the measurements and data analysis of hyperspectral imaging techniques in the development of solid dosage forms.


Hyperspectral imaging Near infrared Middle infrared Raman Pharmaceutical research Solid dosage forms Tablets Process analytical technologies 



J.M.A. would like to thank Carsten Ravn from Lundbeck and Rasmus Bro from the Department of Food Sciences, Quality and Technology of the University of Copenhagen for their comments and their valuable help. The author specially thanks Nuno Ratola from the Departamento de Engenharia Química da Universidade do Porto (Portugal) for his support with language correction.


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