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Determination of 2-ethylhexyl 4-(dimethylamino) benzoate using membrane-assisted liquid–liquid extraction and gas chromatography-mass spectrometric detection

  • J. G. MarchEmail author
  • C. Genestar
  • B. M. Simonet
Original Paper


A flow-cell for micro-porous membrane liquid–liquid extraction with a sheet membrane was used to extract 2-ethylhexyl 4-(dimethylamino) benzoate (EDB) from urine of solar-cream users and spiked wine samples. The cell enabled the target analyte to be extracted from 7.9 mL of donor solution into 200 μL of acceptor solution (decane). After extraction, the acceptor solution was transferred to a micro-vial for GC-MS analysis without derivation. In this work, variables affecting the enrichment factor were also studied, such as organic solvent, extraction time, recirculation flow of the donor solution through the donor chamber, presence of potassium chloride and ethanol in the donor solution and pH. The method has been evaluated in terms of linearity, sensitivity, precision, limits of detection and quantification and extraction efficiency. Limits of quantification were 1 and 3 μg L−1 EDB for urine and wine, respectively. Quantitative analysis has been carried out by applying the method of standard additions. Within- and between-day relative standard deviations were lower than 12% and 20%, respectively. EDB was found in the urine of users of cream containing EDB in the concentration interval 1.2–7.2 μg L−1. Therefore, this provides evidence of EDB dermal absorption and subsequent excretion through the urinary tract. EDB was not found in the analysed wine samples.


2-Ethylhexyl 4-(dimethylamino) benzoate Micro-porous membrane liquid–liquid extraction Urine Wine Gas chromatography-mass spectrometry 



Financial support was provided by the “Ministerio de Ciencia y Tecnologia” (Spain) through the grand CTQ 2006-01851. The cell was manufactured by Raul Sánchez Torrés (“Serveis Científico-Tècnics” of the “Universitat de les Illes Balears”). The authors acknowledge his careful work.


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  1. 1.Department of ChemistryUniversity of Balearic IslandsPalma de MallorcaSpain
  2. 2.Department of Analytical ChemistryUniversity of CórdobaCórdobaSpain

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