Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry

, Volume 393, Issue 2, pp 543–554

Enzyme-functionalized mesoporous silica for bioanalytical applications



The unique properties of mesoporous silica materials (MPs) have attracted substantial interest for use as enzyme-immobilization matrices. These features include high surface area, chemical, thermal, and mechanical stability, highly uniform pore distribution and tunable pore size, high adsorption capacity, and an ordered porous network for free diffusion of substrates and reaction products. Research demonstrated that enzymes encapsulated or entrapped in MPs retain their biocatalytic activity and are more stable than enzymes in solution. This review discusses recent advances in the study and use of mesoporous silica for enzyme immobilization and application in biosensor technology. Different types of MPs, their morphological and structural characteristics, and strategies used for their functionalization with enzymes are discussed. Finally, prospective and potential benefits of these materials for bioanalytical applications and biosensor technology are also presented.


Enzyme-functionalized mesoporous silica fibers and their integration in a biosensor design. The immobilization process takes place essentially in the silica micropores.


Mesoporous silica Enzyme Immobilization Biosensors 


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