Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry

, Volume 390, Issue 1, pp 89–111 | Cite as

Polymer microfabrication technologies for microfluidic systems

  • Holger BeckerEmail author
  • Claudia Gärtner


Polymers have assumed the leading role as substrate materials for microfluidic devices in recent years. They offer a broad range of material parameters as well as material and surface chemical properties which enable microscopic design features that cannot be realised by any other class of materials. A similar range of fabrication technologies exist to generate microfluidic devices from these materials. This review will introduce the currently relevant microfabrication technologies such as replication methods like hot embossing, injection molding, microthermoforming and casting as well as photodefining methods like lithography and laser ablation for microfluidic systems and discuss academic and industrial considerations for their use. A section on back-end processing completes the overview.


Microfluidics Microfabrication Polymers Biochips High throughput screening Miniaturization 



Capillary electrophoresis




Decomposition temperature


Heat distortion temperature


Lithographie (lithography), galvanoformung (electroplating), abformung (molding)


Micro electromechanical systems


Miniaturized total analysis system


Micro-electrode discharge machining


Microsystem technology


Total analysis system


Glass transition temperature














Poly(methyl methacrylate)








Thermoset polyester



We would like to thank Bonnie Gray from Simon Fraser University, Turtle Brennen from Agilent Technologies, Enrico Piechotka from Jenoptik Laser Optik Systeme GmbH, Prof. Roland Zengerle from IMTEK, University of Freiburg, Stefan Drese from IMM, Mainz, Prof. Heinz Kück from HSG-IMAT and Max Sonnleitner from Nanoident Technologies AG for the kind provision of the figures. We thank Susanne Haldrich for her support in the literature research.


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